Chinese New Year 2015 in Singapore

Chinese New Year 2015 in SingaporeLet’s Celebrate Chinese New Year 2015 in Singapore. Also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year ( CNY ) is one of those occasions that is always looked forward to. Many Chinese also see it as the largest and most significant events in the community, and it is also observed by all Singaporeans. The celebrations last for 15 days beginning on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar.

Dance with Beautiful DancersRed Lantern Decoration Along the StreetSingapore Chinatown Night Market

Dance with Beautiful Dancers

Red Lantern Decoration Along The Street

Singapore Chinatown Night Market

When is Chinese New Years 2015 In Singapore ?

CNY 2015 will start on Thursday, 19 February 2015 which is public holiday in Singapore.

Chinese New Year 2014Chinese New Year 2015Chinese New Year 2016
Chinese New Year 2014Chinese New Year 2015Chinese New Year 2016

The Celebration of Chinese New Year 2015 in Singapore

One way of bringing in the new year is by wearing new clothes. Another is by cleaning the family home, which is thought to be a symbol of “sweeping out” all bad energy, while making room for good energy to come in. Another practice is known as “new year visits,” which is a gathering of family and friends. The younger family members love this time as the visiting family and friends bring them little red packets or “hongbao” that are filled with money. The Reunion Dinner held on Chinese New Year’s Eve is always a highlight for everyone, when friends and family gather together to eat.

Chinese New Year MenuChinese New Year Show GirlHongbao Red Packets

Chinese New Year Menu

Chinese New Year Show Girl

Hangbao Red Packets

The Singapore streets will become alive with the sound of music, the views of red lanterns and the smells of tasty treats for CNY 2015. A popular area in Singapore is Chinatown, where the visitor or tourist will enjoy the amazing street light-ups, the night markets and the decorations. One of the most popular times to come to Chinatown is during the Chinatown Street Light-ups, when you can enjoy the female dance troupes at the Kreta Ayer Square, the lion dancers and the fire eaters.
Chinatown Nightly Stage ShowsDragon DanceLion Dance
Chinatown Nightly Stage ShowsDragon DanceLion Dance
The dance troupes will have their intricately designed paper fans and umbrellas to show you entertainment you will always remember. The heart of this festival has much folklore and tradition, such as the lion and dragon dances to give the holiday plenty of festive atmosphere. Popular characters in Chinese mythology are the lion and the dragon, whose roots come from an ancient Chinese myth about the Nien, which was a mythical beast that tormented villagers until someone discovered it was terrified of the color red.

There will be many kinds of events surrounding Chinese New Year 2014 in Singapore one of main one being the Chingay Parade. The Chingay Parade is somewhat like a huge carnival, where you will enjoy magicians, dancers, amazing floats and fire eaters. Technically, it is a parade, but it will be held on the giant grounds of the Formula One Pit Building, alongside the waterfront Marina. The River Hongbao is another very popular Chinese New Year event, that is held sometime during the mid part of February closer to the closing of the Chinese New Year. The River Hongbao will become alive with shopping, street performers, games, lanterns and naturally, the incredible fireworks, which is always the crowd favorite.

Chingay Parade SingaporeFire Eaters Performance on Chingay ParadeSingapore River Hongbao

Chingay Parade Singapore

Fire Eaters on Chingay Parade

Singapore River Hongbao

In Esplanade, which is only a short distance away is the annual Huayi Festival in February, which will showcase the traditional and contemporary arts of the Chinese in genres like music, opera and theater. There will also be performances by many Chinese artist from many parts of the world. It is during the Chinese New Year that you will best discover Singapore, when you can be both entertained and learn about their traditions and culture. By coming to Singapore during Chinese New Year, you will take home with you luck and prosperity for the rest of the year.

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Have a Very Happy Chinese New Year 2015 in Singapore