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    電話:0512-68226118 68204423





    產品名稱: ZD-1000系列螺旋傳動上料機

    發布日期: 2015/9/30 13:51:06

    點擊數: 270 




    Product Introduction 
    ZD-1000 series screw rotation feeding machine is the necessary supporing ancillary equipment for plastic processing machinery, which can directly and automatically transmit the powdered or granular plastic raw mateials to hopper, high-speed mixer, mixing machine and other containers. The part contacting raw materials are all made with stainless steel. During the transmission process, raw materials can be completely free of contamination without bringing any foreign objects, and the fully closed automation can be achieved during the production process. It is easy to install and can be moved. If several mixing machines use the same materials, only one feeding machine is required to provide the feeding of several mixing machines simultaneously. Eliminate the trouble o artificial feeding to make the feeding work safer, more time and strenght saving; the design is reasonable and advanced, and operation and maintenance is convenient. Compared with vacuum feeding machine, the trouble of frequently cleaning filter can be get rid of; adopt the international advanced electrical control components and famous brand motors to ensure the system operation is safe and reliable. The transmission capacity is large and the maximum feeding volume per hour is up to three tons; the equipment is widely used, which can be charged with powder, plastic-granular material, powder mixutre, and also crushing materials, and can also be used the transmission and charging during the pharmaceutical and chemcial production process; the energy consumption is little and only about two-thirds compared with the traditional vacuum feeding machine and spring powder feeding machine. 
    Operating Principle 
    ZD series screw-driven feeding machine adopts screw feeding. As long as the switch is started, screw rod will rotate and materials can be kept lifting from the bottom of the material tank to the discharge port. When charged to the full barrel, the charging screw rod will automatically stop. 

    Main Technical Parameters 


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