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    產品名稱: YTC3600石油膏壓力填充機

    發布日期: 2015/9/30 14:35:53

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    ◆ Product Introduction 
    YTC-3600 petroleum jelly pressure filling machine is the special equiment designed and manufactured by our factory for large couple of cable filling petroleum jueely, based on the foreign model machines and combining the actual demand of domestic oil jelly cable manufacturer. This machine can achieve primary pressure filling to communication cables less than 3600 couples, which not only greately improves production efficiency, but also significantly improves production environment, and is the ideal equipment for producing oil jelly cable by manufacturers. 
    The structure of this machine is reasonable with simple operation. The main electrical components use imported products, which improves the control accuracy and reliability of the equipment. This machine is applicable to drum twister laying-up production line. 
    ◆ 特點
    ◆ Characterisitcs 
    ◆Stainless steel structure, keeping oil jelly cleaning in the long term; 
    ◆Both sides of pressure chamber have heating oil overflow area and flexible scraping mechanism to make the oil jelly overflowed in the mold quickly reflow to oil tank, reducing the waste of oil jelly and improving production environment; 
    ◆Composite die is equipped with positioning structure, of which the design is reasonable and easy to remove and replace; 
    ◆System sets up low liquid overtemperature alarm function. Power supply is automatically cut off in case of abnormal failure with acousto-optic alarm; 
    ◆Oil level in oil tank is automatically controlled by oil supply pump of oil storage equipment, and the required oil level is always maintained. 
    ◆ 主要技術參數
    ◆ Main Technical Parameters
    ◆ 中心高:    1000±10mm 
    ◆ Height of center: 1000±10mm       
    ◆ 填充對數:  ≤3600 
    ◆ Number of couples of filling: ≤3600
    ◆ 最大線速度: 30m/min
    ◆ Maximum line velocity: 30m/min            
    ◆ 充纜直徑:  ≤Ф80mm
    ◆ Charging cable diameter: ≤Ф80mm
    ◆ 重量:       ~1500kg
    ◆ Weight:  ~1500kg
    ◆ 外形尺寸(長X寬X高):3600X1600X1900mm
    ◆ Dimension (length × Width × Height): 3600X1600X1900mm
    ◆ 工作壓力:      0.8Mpa
    ◆ Working pressure: 0.8Mpa
    ◆ 總功率:        38kW
    ◆ Total power: 38kW
    ◆ 工作溫度:      120℃
    ◆ Working temperature: 120℃
    ◆ 油箱容積:       900 L
    ◆ Oil tank capacity: 900L


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